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Fm-200 Asset Fire Protection
The FM-200 zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) fire suppressant supplied and installed by GIELLE is now well established as the single most effective Halon 1301 replacement. It is approved and verified around the world by such organisations as Britain’s Loss Prevention Council, Lloyds Register, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

FM-200 is suitable for virtually all total-flooding fire suppression applications, although it is most commonly used to protect vital company assets – those upon which the company’s survival might well depend. However, as it does not remove significant quantities of oxygen or obstruct vision, FM-200 is also ideal for use in occupied rooms or enclosed compartments, and is quickly cleared when ventilated.
Rapid reaction:
Fires are extinguished rapidly, typically knocking out class A, B and C fires in less than 10 seconds. This minimises atmospheric toxicity and the generation of smoke and soot. Physical and chemical actions combine in FM-200 to form an irresistible fire fighting force. FM-200’s physical properties lower the flame temperature, while the chemical action suppresses flame propagation.

In fact, FM-200 is the appropriate choice in applications where liquid extinguishants, water-based or dry chemical products can cause costly damage or result in considerable and expensive downtime. Because of its zero conductivity, this includes electrical, communications and data processing equipment and plant or machinery.

FM-200 also scores where cylinder storage space is at a premium. For normal Class A fire risks, only 7% by volume FM-200 is needed for extinguishing purposes, resulting in far less space being taken up than with many other gaseous extinguishing systems on the market.

Its short atmospheric life has made FM-200 an acceptable option with many environmentalists. Atmospheric life is believed to have a direct link with global warming, and FM-200 withstands favourable comparison with the other Halon 1301 alternatives on the market, some of which have extended atmospheric lives.
Professional service
As a leading fire safety specialist engineering company, ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 and LPS 1204 approved GIELLE undertakes every aspect of an FM-200 installation.

Recent GIELLE FM-200 installations have included the protection of a local authority’s multi-million pound computer centre and a cable television company’s switch and relay station. FM-200 has also been used on offshore oil platforms. It is Factory Mutual (FM) approved, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed, and has been approved and specified by the US Navy.

The company’s computer-aided-design technology is put to work at the earliest stage to ensure a fully engineered system design. Site installation and commissioning are carried out under the strictest GIELLE quality assurance. GIELLE also undertakes regular maintenance of FM-200 installations and room integrity testing to ensure they remain design readiness.
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